Week in Review

We had a crazy busy week this week with Joe being gone for work, softball games almost every night and a quick visit to the ortho doctor thrown in just to keep life interesting.  Tuesday night at Danika’s game, Ashton fell off the swing and hurt his arm/wrist.  He complained it hurt the rest of the evening so I gave him tylenol and sent him to bed.  He woke up Wednesday morning crying that it still hurt so I decided to take him into the doctor to make sure nothing was broken.


We got lucky and x-rays showed his wrist wasn’t broken.  The doctor said to bring him in and they would put a cast on it if it wasn’t better by Friday.  He’s still complaining it hurts from time to time – I’m guessing he maybe sprained or bruised it pretty good.

Wednesday night, Jayde had her 8 and under softball tournament.  It was HOT out but Ashton and I sat through three games and survived.  Was fun to see the girls pull out a couple of wins and get 3rd place in their tournament!


Several of the girls left before medals were handed out, so we were a few short for this picture.


While we were watching Jayde play, Danika’s team pulled out their first win of the season!  She got to go celebrate with a couple friends and their families after the game.


Danika’s game Thursday got rescheduled at the last minute due to having no umpires, so she got to play with a friend on her team for a little while and I got some cleaning done.  Joe finally finished up his storm restoration on Friday morning, so we got to spend the day Friday catching up around the house.

Saturday the 10 and under girls had a softball tournament, and the weather was perfect for a day of softball.  Love watching my girls play!


They didn’t place in the tournament, but did win one game and we were proud of them.  After the games, we stopped for drinks and pizza with some friends.


Sunday was spent running errands and resting up for our final week of softball.  We spent some time outside playing ball.  The girls had a basketball challenge to see who could make 30 baskets in the shortest amount of time.  They were fast and there was just 6 seconds difference in their times.  A little competition is good for them:)



Ashton was working on his dribbling skills too!


Danika thinks she wants to pitch at softball next year, so Joe set up a target for her so she can practice.


We ended the day with yummy apple pie from the pie stand down the road from us – Ashton has been begging every day to get a pie from there so he was pumped today when we finally stopped.

Have a great week!