Holiday Craziness!

The craziness of the holidays has hit and we’re in fast forward to 2018!  I’m going to recap the past month in one post so I feel caught up:)

The girls had mismatched day at school, and Ashton thought he needed to participate as well.


I had an extra student in my CCD class because Joe was working one night and he’s been asking ever since when he gets to come back:)  Next year, buddy!


Grandma Sandy sent an extra package of morning sausage over to us and Jayde was SO excited – she and I are the only ones in our house that eat it but we were loving it!

Ashton had been begging for a tie (no idea why!) so we were in Walmart one day and he found this suit/tie set and just HAD to have it.  He was beyond excited and has tried to wear it to school, daycare, church, you name it…I may have to hide it soon:)

I got to celebrate Thanksgiving with Ashton and his Pre-K class and then he got to help me bake pies for Thanksgiving.  I love when I get to have a little one on one time with each kiddo.

The kids and I enjoyed movie night the night before Thanksgiving – we went and saw The Star, which we all liked.


We got to celebrate my cousin Angie’s wedding with a reception the weekend after Thanksgiving – and Ashton was excited to have a reason to wear his suit!

The first weekend in December we celebrated Christmas with one side of Joe’s family.  Santa made an appearance which is always a hit!


IMG_1272 2


This past weekend was filled with Christmas fun.  We baked Christmas goodies on Friday evening/Saturday morning, the kids got to decorate their gingerbread house, and the girls had their church Christmas program on Sunday (and another appearance from Santa!).




Charlie, our elf, has arrived and the kids are loving his daily shenanigans.  Sunday night, Charlie hid in Ashton’s cowboy boot since he forgot to put them away before bed.  Ashton got up in the middle of the night and needed help looking for his water bottle.  We walked past his boots and he stopped to pick up whatever was in his boot (he later told me he thought it was a “random” stuffed animal).  When he realized it was the elf, he threw him on the couch and started to cry.  He was so worried he ruined Charlie’s magic but I assured him if we wrote a note that said it was an accident that he’d be fine.  I wish I had a video of it because it was pretty funny!


Since it’s likely you won’t see another post from me until after Christmas, Merry Christmas to you all!

Halloween/Fall Fun

October was a fun month full of lots of fall/Halloween activities!  Jayde had a great cheering section at her last volleyball game!



We enjoyed a nice Sunday afternoon Ranger ride, and stopped to throw rocks off a bridge…I don’t know why but every time my kids get near a bridge I freak out and it totally takes the fun out of it for me (and probably them too, because I’m constantly saying “Be careful, don’t get too close to the bridge, you could fall into the water, …).  My stomach feels all of the roller coaster feelings whenever anyone I know gets within 10 feet of a bridge!



We celebrated with ice cream after good parent teacher conference reports for the girls.


Joe and I spent a weekend in Kansas City for our anniversary (I apparently was having so much fun that I failed to take pictures – or maybe it’s just that Joe isn’t as cooperative of a subject as the kids are:)  During that time, we welcomed my sweet new niece into the world.  The kids got to visit her that weekend, and we’re all in love!




On our actual anniversary, we went out with some friends for dinner and small town bar hopping – the best kind of night!


Ashton got to trick or treat multiple times at school/daycare, and then we all went to the trunk or treat event at Ashton’s school the Sunday before Halloween.


The night before Halloween, we carved pumpkins.





On Halloween, we met some friends for trick or treating – it was REALLY cold, but it didn’t seem to slow the kids down.


Ashton has been able to spend two weekends helping with harvest (one weekend with Joe’s parents, and then on Saturday he got to help my dad).  The kid looks forward to this every year, and will spend the entire day in the tractor/combine happily!  I love that he loves it, because harvest is my favorite time of year too:)



We got to spend Saturday evening watching my niece/nephew and loved every minute of it!




Whew…as I look back through October I realize it’s been a fun month!  Lots of holiday fun coming up this month too I’m sure!




Fall is Flying By!

I cannot believe it’s October already…not sure where September went?!?   The last few weeks have been busy with volleyball every Saturday morning for Jayde and on Sunday afternoons for Danika.  Danika’s team is currently undefeated (after a close call yesterday against a 3rd grade team they were maybe a little too confident about!).  It’s been fun to watch these girls really improve this year.



Jayde’s team is improving as well and it’s fun to see them learn the game.



Jayde got to have a sleepover with a friend a couple weeks ago – if you ask her she never gets to play with her friends so she was excited for this.



I got to have a much overdue girls night out to the Luke Bryan concert.



Ashton and I snuck in a little park time during Danika’s dance class last week before it started to rain.


We see a lot of this on the days Ashton doesn’t have Pre-K and spends the day at daycare with his friends/cousins….he must play a little harder on those days!


We went to a friend’s house the other night to watch the football game and the kids were planning a half time show, which included this look….somehow it doesn’t even surprise me anymore that he chooses to wear heels…I guess it’s just part of having older sisters:)


We made our annual pumpkin patch trip after volleyball yesterday and were surprised to find that our friends were going at the same time!  The girls loved it because they had friends to play with (always better than just mom and dad!) and Ashton loved having Brooklyn and BJ to keep him entertained!  It was a win-win for all and the weather was perfect.






We are starting off this week tired from a fun weekend but hoping to get one more camping trip in this coming weekend before putting it away for the year.  Hopefully the weather cooperates!

Life Lately!

The last few weeks have been crazy busy so I’m trying to get caught up with pictures so I least I have some record of fall:)  We’ve been busy with fall sports, camping, getting ready for our church fall festival, and my real estate business has been really busy lately too (great problem to have!!).

We’ve been able to make it to one of my niece’s volleyball games.


Over Labor Day, we went out to the State Fair.  Some friends were showing pigs, so we went to the pig show and checked out some of the exhibits at the fair.  The kids really wanted to ride the skyfari so we did that too.  It was a little warmer that day than we expected but we still had fun! We’ll definitely be going back.


My skyfari riding partner…he’s pretty cute:)


There was a fun firefighter training course for kids – it was fun watching the kids try to do it.




We had to stop for an ice cream break.


Ashton was so excited to spend some time with his “girlfriend” Brooklyn:)  She is so sweet and is really great with him and Jayde – Ashton just thinks she’s the best thing ever and Jayde really looks up to her.  She really is a great role model!


Danika loved spending time with her friends – it made the day that much more fun!


Ashton may have had too much fun at the fair, so he spent Labor Day on the couch coughing all day – I think it was a combination of a cold and allergies, but the poor kid was just miserable all day!  I felt horrible for him!


The girls got to do a cheer camp at school and we got to watch them cheer at the high school football game.


Jayde started volleyball this year, and her team had their first game.  She did great and their team won!


We’ve been canning lots of salsa with our garden tomatoes.  We planted just 2 tomato plants, and it’s crazy the number of tomatoes we have.  I think we’ve canned 20+ jars of salsa and there is still a ton of tomatoes still growing.


We had a fun Friday night trip to Costco.  I told the kids they could try as many samples from the sample stands that they could find, but unfortunately on a Friday night the options were limited.  Ashton did find a stand with kombucha and was excited to drink it – Grandma Sandy would be proud:)


We got to pick the pumpkins from our garden this weekend.  We didn’t really know if any would grow this year because of some spray we put in the garden last year, so we just planted some leftover seeds from my mother-in-law.  Some of the plants died (not sure if it was due to soil or old seeds), but we still ended up with quite a few pumpkins.  We don’t have quite the variety as we usually do, but now that we know they will grow, next year we will plan it out a little better and plant a better variety.  We were still excited to decorate with all the pumpkins!


That’s our life lately in a nutshell – at least with the pictures I have.  We’ve done a lot of other fun things but apparently I was having too much fun to take pictures:)


Weekend Recap

Joe was planning to have a guys’ fishing weekend this past weekend, so the kids and I had originally planned a low key weekend at home.  But plans changed on Thursday, so we decided a last minute camping trip was a great idea, especially since we haven’t had much time to use the camper this summer.  Jayde had a friend’s birthday party on Saturday, so we just stayed close and headed to the Fremont Lakes with my brother/sister in-law and their kiddos.  Friday night, the kids got to try out some sidewalk paint my sister-in-law brought.


My sister and her family came out for a while that evening too, so I tried to get a picture of all of the kids around the campfire….it was a good idea in theory but after about 10 pictures, this is the best I got – love these kids!


Saturday morning we went for a bike ride and then went fishing for a little while, and the kids each caught a fish…Danika actually caught 4 I think!




Jayde had a friend’s birthday party in the afternoon, so the rest of us played Mancala for a while – my brother loves board games as you can tell:)


We also went to the park for a little while – Ashton has mastered the monkey bars, which I didn’t realize until this weekend.  He’ll be the next American Ninja Warrior!




Some friends came and had some drinks with us Saturday night at our camp site, and Sunday morning we headed home and I spent the day in bed with food poisoning or something like that…not a fun Sunday!

We’re glad we got to camp this weekend – it’s always nice to get away and relax for a bit ….although with kids camping is not always relaxing:)




Weekend Recap

We’re kind of in the in-between season where summer activities have died down, but fall practices/games haven’t yet started up, so we’re enjoying a little calm before the crazy starts again!  This weekend was pretty low key – Friday night we went on a family Ranger ride (it’s the kids’ favorite family activity, and to be honest, we all really enjoy it)!  We didn’t really have a destination in mind, but stopped and talked to some friends, and then had a few drinks at another friend’s house – the kids loved having someone different to play with and it was a beautiful night to sit outside!  We headed home before it got dark, and the kids were pretty worn out after their first full week of school.

Saturday, we went to my parent’s lake house to swim/tube/boat.  The kids haven’t been able to tube all summer because the lake has been no-wake due to high water, so they were pumped!






I enjoyed a little time on a floatie in the water with a drink in my hand, so I’d say it was a successful day:)

Sunday morning we went to church and then I went and got groceries.  Jayde had a friend’s birthday party in the afternoon, so Joe canned some salsa and I decided to make banana bread and no-bake cookies.  Sometimes it’s nice to have time to actually bake/cook, and it made breakfast really easy for Monday!  The negative is that my poor dishwasher ends up working overtime….I think it cleaned three loads of dishes Sunday!



We spent some time outside in the afternoon playing basketball and volleyball.  Some friends gave Ashton some hand me down cowboy boots last week, and the kid thinks he needs to wear them 24/7…it’s literally a battle to get him take them off, so most of the time he looks like this…



After supper we had family game night.


We haven’t done that in a long time and it was a great way to end the weekend!

Weekend Recap

Joe was on call this weekend, so it forced us to make no real plans, which was just what we needed.  Friday, the kids and I enjoyed our last real day of summer break with haircuts for the girls and lunch at Applebee’s.


Saturday, I had to meet with a client in the morning and then Joe got called into work for the day/night so the kids and I hung out and did projects around the house.  I got the swingset stained, which was long overdue!


While I was staining the swingset, the kids were creating a play inside, so I got to watch that when I was done.


We spent the evening outside since the weather was perfect – we went for a walk, played basketball and volleyball, and the kids made an obstacle course in the driveway for their bikes.


Sunday, Danika and I went on a morning “date” to the grocery store, and I surprised her with McDonald’s hot cakes:)  It’s not often we get time alone, and I enjoyed it….even if it was only to get groceries!


Joe cashed in his birthday coupon for a free Ranger wash from the girls, and then we went on a Ranger ride down to the river Sunday afternoon.



It was a little cool on the ride home and I looked back and saw this…


We celebrated the end of summer with strawberry malts after supper!


I’d say we’re ready to tackle 4th grade, 2nd grade and Pre-K….although I don’t think any of us are ready for summer to be over:(



Weekend Recap

Yet another busy weekend for the Kreifels family – I’m pretty certain I can just assume every weekend from here until forever can be classified as “busy”!.  We lined my mom up to watch the kids Friday night and decided to hit up the Scotty McCreery concert at the Washington County Fair.  It was a much needed night out without the kids- I can’t speak for the quality of the performance as we spent most of the night in the beer garden and couldn’t really hear the band at all.  Still nice to have adult time!


Saturday morning Joe and I were up early and took one injured pig that we aren’t going to be able to show at the fair to the butcher, ran to Omaha and ran a few errands, and then went and got the kids.  We all took naps in the afternoon (I apparently am useless on 4 hours of sleep!), and then I tackled projects around the house – cleaning, helping Danika with a 4H project, etc.

We’ve been dog sitting for our neighbors this week, and two of their dogs are lab puppies with a lot of energy.  The owners gave the kids spray bottles to spray the dogs so they don’t jump – the kids spent more time spraying each other than anything, so Saturday night we let them go crazy and have a spray bottle fight.  They loved it!


We spent some time working with the pigs and went for a Ranger ride, and then I decided to tackle a late night project and make Danika some pig signs to hang by her stalls at the fair that she can write her pigs’ names on.  She’s been having a rough time with her favorite pig being gone, so I thought it would cheer her up.  It helped a little at least!

Sunday, we got the camper ready for the fair and then headed to the lake to swim with cousins for a couple hours.






We got home from the lake and Ashton snuggled up to Joe and not long after he was passed out!


We had a picnic with our 4H group Sunday evening at the fairgrounds and got home in time to get everyone showered and to bed…long day made for cranky kids!  This week is our county fair, so we’ll be camping most of the week/weekend. I’ll do fair recap next week sometime….should be a fun/busy week!


Weekend “Adventuring”

I love Summer and the ability to take weekend adventures to new places.  This weekend we had fun “adventuring” as the kids called it!

Friday night we got to celebrate my nephew’s 4th birthday.  Somehow I only took one picture – of Danika and the dog:)  The girl does love dogs and often reminds us that she’d love to have one again some day (I keep pretending I don’t hear her!).


We had plans to go to to a drive-in movie Saturday (there are only 2 drive-in movies left in Nebraska, and the closest one to us is 2 hours away).  Neither Joe or I had ever been to a drive-in and the kids couldn’t wait to go.   We went back and forth about taking the camper up to Neligh and finding a camp site or getting a hotel and letting the kids swim.  We ultimately decided we should take the opportunity to use the camper, so we had no real plan except to pull the camper up there, hope to find an open camp site and go to the drive in.  We left Saturday morning on our adventure!


After stopping in Norfolk for lunch and a few groceries, we headed to Neligh.  Once we pulled into town, we found the park and were a little nervous when we saw that there was a ball tournament going on and it appeared there were a lot of campers there.  We did find an open spot so we set up camp.  It was a very nice park/camp ground and the pool was right there too.  It had a fun water slide and basketball hoop so the kids were in heaven.  The kids thought it was so fun that we played a game of “PIG” at the basketball hoop in the pool.  We swam for a couple of hours and then played at the park for a bit before heading back to the camper for supper.  There’s nothing more I love than spending an uninterrupted, mostly unplanned day with my people!




We hung out at the camper for a while and then Danika wanted to go on an adventure in town.  We packed up for the movie and then drove around town – we found some cool old bridges to drive over and located the town “airport” before heading to the drive-in.  We got our snacks and were ready for the movie!



The movie started about 9:45 and by 10:20 Ashton was asleep on top of me and I’m pretty sure Joe and I were asleep long before the movie was over (that’s the downfall of putting an air mattress and lots of blankets in the back of the pickup!).    The drive-in plays two movies a night but we only made it through one before deciding we better head back to the camper.  I’d definitely recommend checking this place out if you haven’t already – we loved it!

We headed home Sunday morning, let the kids rest for a couple of hours and then headed down to the cabin to swim.  Again, I failed to take pictures but we had a great time and the water felt amazing on such a hot day!

I’m hoping this week I can get back into some home projects since our evenings are finally freeing up!  Maybe you’ll start to see something on this blog rather than our weekend updates….maybe!

Have a great week!



Weekend Recap – Long Weekend Edition!

We had an amazing LONG weekend!  Joe took Friday/Monday off of work, so we had a 5 day family weekend and it was just what we needed!  Friday we finished up softball season with Danika’s last game.  The girls both had great seasons and learned a lot!


Saturday Joe had to cook meat for a wedding, so we hung out at home for the morning and Danika helped me make some treats for family picnic Sunday.


I went with Joe to deliver/set up the meat at the wedding while the kids hung out with my niece Reagan.  After we got home, we went out to the lakes for a while.  The kids had fun playing and we got to see some neat fireworks when it got dark.



Sunday we had a family picnic at Joe’s aunt and uncles cabin near North Bend.  The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast tubing and swimming.



Monday we decided to go back to the lake and swim some more!





We had fun lighting off fireworks when it got dark.


We had a great 4th of July – the girls and I tie dyed shirts over the weekend so they were excited to wear those.  We also went through the Hooper 4th of July parade for Joe’s BBQ business.



It’s hard to see such a fun weekend end, but glad that it’s a short week!  We’ve decided we are going to take full advantage of what summer we have left!