5 on Friday

Happy Friday!  We made it through another week, which is reason to celebrate!  I think I’ll go mix myself a drink…

Another random assortment of thoughts on this Friday:



If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that our pumpkins started coming up this week.  This makes me so happy – we were holding our breath that they’d grow since Joe sprayed something on the garden last year that prevented anything from growing in our garden.  Our tomatoes that we planted several weeks ago area still doing well too, so I’m hoping we can keep everything alive.  I love decorating with all of the pumpkin varieties in the Fall and it’s one of my favorite things to watch them grow all summer long – and the kids enjoy it to which makes it a fun family project.



It’s supposed to be crazy hot this weekend (like 100 degrees hot), so I’m hoping to enjoy some lake time with the family.  We never seem to have time in the summer to spend a lot of time at the lake, so it’s fun to squeeze it in whenever we can.  If you need me Saturday afternoon/night, you’ll likely find me at the lake with a drink in my hand relaxing!  This is the first summer where I don’t have to worry about the safety of my kids in the water – Ashton proved to me last weekend that he’s very self sufficient at the lake with a life jacket.  I think he went down the water slide into the lake at least 20 times and swam back to the dock while I watched from the patio.  I’m SO excited to actually be able to relax and actually enjoy the lake this summer!



I think we’re halfway through ball season – not that I’m counting – but actually I am!  We are 100% into game mode, and have games 3 or 4 nights a week, and typically one of the girls has at least one practice thrown in there too, so we spend most of our evenings at the ball park.  It’s fun and I enjoy watching the girls play, but definitely look forward to ball being over and having our evenings free again.  Somehow I’m sure those evenings will quickly be filled with some other activity (probably walking the 4H pigs which are currently being neglected due to this crazy ball schedule).



All of a sudden my 4 year old seems like a big boy.  I’m not sure when it happened, but this week it hit me.  There is a buzzer/door bell at daycare to get in the front doors, and all year he hasn’t been able to reach the button.  This week he reached up and pushed the door bell with no problem – he was so excited (and so was I because otherwise he makes me lift him so he can be the one to push the button – because all hell breaks loose if I even think of touching that button!).  After proving he’s a very capable swimmer and learning to ride his bike without training wheels last week, he’s showing that has no use for me anymore.  I’m sure all too soon he’ll be hopping on that school bus for Kindergarten!  Now, if only he can figure out how to get up and ready for daycare in the morning without an hour long fight…a girl can dream right?!?


What’s with this “make your own slime” craze lately?  I feel like it’s everywhere and my kids keep asking to make it.  So – it’s hopefully on my agenda for this weekend.  But I need your help!  Have you made it and is there a good recipe that isn’t going to make a huge mess??  My OCD personality can’t handle projects that make a total disaster which is why I’m dragging my feet a bit on this one!  Help!

Have a good weekend – and stay cool!